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I'm here to support your yoga and meditation practice, whatever your background, needs and objectives. 

'Emanuela brought my practice to another level, with her understanding of my ability and passion... for which I will be eternally grateful'. Lesley Bowell

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Why Minimum Yoga?

I created Minimum Yoga in 2014 to provide an informed and supportive service of yoga and meditation tuition centred around the idea of encouraging and supporting consistency of practice over a long period of time. I teach the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa (trained with David Swenson to teach it), Vinyasa flow, and a variety of other Hatha classes. I also guide Meditation sessions. In May 2019 I added Thai Yoga Massage treatments to the Minimum Yoga journey.

Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga that tones and strengthens the body by working on the same series of postures, carefully combining each breath with movement in the vinyasa count. In the Ashtanga Vinyasa classes, we explore the Primary Series, working on alignment, sequence memorization, and the moving meditation that constitutes the core of the practice. The Primary Series is a set sequence of postures beginning with the Surya Namaskara (the Sun Salutations). I have studied and practised this system with the late Maty Ezraty, David Swenson, and Matthew Sweeney (visit the About page for more information on my training and my approach to this).

In the Hatha classes I teach a slow-paced alignment-focused sequence where we explore transitions and movements with emphasis on the breath. In this classes we move slowly, exploring and holding a variety of postures, including more challenging ones, in order to build stamina and strength, to develop flexibility in the body, and to calm the mind.


In the Vinyasa classes I guide you through breath-synchronised movements, following a step-by-step approach, allowing the body to open through gradual 'minimal' shifts, in flexibility and strength, progressing into more complex segments before returning to stillness.

In the Meditation sessions I work with breath awareness exercises, body scans, and seated sound observations in order to stimulate clarity and bring about mental and emotional balance. Combining my meditation training at the Yoga Healing Foundation with ongoing research into several philosophical traditions from both the East and the West, I deliver a meditation session that is simple, practical, and experiential. 

I teach a great variety of practitioners, of any age, shape, and background, providing a safe space for everyone to develop. My aim is to help you build your own consistent practice. A regular yoga and meditation practice will transform your overall wellbeing, on and off the mat. Read some
testimonials to see what current clients think. More reviews available on the Minimum Yoga Facebook page here.

Whether young or old, very old, sick or feeble, one can attain perfection in all the yogas by practising. 

Hatha Yoga Pradipika (1., 64)

Photo by Catia Yoga

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