Slow Ashtanga Vinyasa (All levels)

This class aims to help you work on your ashtanga tempo...

  • 1 hour
  • 9 British pounds
  • Online session

Class description

Not really a slow class, simply one that reminds you not to rush. Open to all levels of practice. There is a tendency among practitioners to hurry through the sun salutations, speed-up transitions, and generally hasten through the whole series (Primary). In this class we focus on slowing down by establishing a clear connection between movement and breath, and by holding some postures for more than 5 breaths if needed. We have an opportunity to also look at some alignment principles, to break down postures/transitions, to look at entries/exits into and out of postures, and to generally focus on a more mindful ashtanga practice. Why? Here is a quote for an idea of why it might be good to do this: "We know that slow movement leads to a more accurate and discriminating perception of the mechanics of the movement. In other words, there is more detailed and refined information available to the brain to build the movement map. The map becomes clearer with greater resolution. It’s like clicking the zoom button on google maps. There’s more detail, more side streets are revealed, more information about how to move around that joint. So, slow movement will make your movement map clearer. It can also help make it broader, covering more territory, because slow movement is the best way to explore new movement territory." Todd Hargrove, Manual and Movement Therapist The above quote refers to a variety of movement practices, not just Ashtanga. From personal experience I find that applying this approach to a meditative movement practice such as Ashtanga will, overtime, result in healthier movement, enhanced body awareness and focus, injury prevention, and sustainable and long-lasting practice. You will be given the option to purchase a Class pass (pricing plan) upon booking. The Zoom link will be sent by email on the day of the class.

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