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I wanted to say a massive thank you for leading such wonderful yoga practices. I felt so lacking in energy before I arrived in Corfu, and in desperate need of some R&R, and self love, and I got everything I needed and so much more. It was just the best week and I absolutely loved your style of teaching and the way the classes built up to tell a story. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I’ll be seeing you on the mat in no time.

Hannah Tovey, Corfu retreat week, 2021

Online classes with Emanuela transformed the misery of a year-long covid-captivity into a wonderful journey of the mind and body awakening! When on the mat, I just fully surrender to her patient and precise guidance, and emerge as a happier person at the end of the practice. Spring or winter, good times or stressful times, the magic of a practice with Emanuela never fails.. What is most impressive is that virtual group classes are just as smooth, if not more, as in person. Emanuela ensures to give a subtle customised guidance to accommodate the needs and ability level of each and every student, and helps to create your own practice and your own experience each time. She always makes a point of gauging the mood and energy level of the group at the start of a class, and adjust the flow of the practice accordingly. What I enjoy the most is that no class is ever the same with her. Emanuela provides different perspectives on how to approach each posture or a sequence, so every class is an exciting discovery of your own body. 

Olena Liakhvatska, Online group classes 2020

Thank you for an amazing retreat. It was an inspiring journey through different practices and thoughts, opening my mind to a new world of yoga. I feel inspired to continue exploring and moving. Emanuela stretched my body, mind and consciousness. She is such an inspirational teacher, knowledgeable, fun and enthusiastic, with a unique ability to find you were you're at and challenge you just enough to give you a feeling of progression and a taste for more.

Kristin Rodland Buick, Corfu retreat week, 2019

Emanuela is a relaxed, thoughtful, sensitive and compassionate instructor, and her classes embody these qualities. They are both relaxing and challenging and embody what I consider to be the spirit of yoga. 

Sally Mijit, group classes, 2019


I worked with Emanuela in her guided self practice course. She is a fantastic teacher, clear, firm, empowering. She gradually taught me a sequence based on my specific needs and abilities. Working with her put me back in touch with my postnatal body, especially my compromised core, in a way that felt totally supported. I am grateful!

Göze Saner, Guided Self-Practice classes, 2018

Guided Self-Practice is hands-down the best yoga class I have found in London. With led classes I was always frustrated by the fact that I didn’t remember the sequences and could not practice by myself at home. What I love about this class is that Emanuela is very patient and takes the time to show precisely the sequences and to correct my moves. Every class, she adds a new element to my practice. She also adapts it to each person’s physical condition/needs. Now I can practise at home or whenever I go on holiday, and I can feel that it’s been very beneficial to my physical condition and my stress management. 

I definitely recommend this class to every person who wants to get better at yoga and be able to practise without a teacher.

Marie Palluel, Guided Self-Practice classes, 2018

I have had the chance of practising Yoga under Emanuela for nearly a year. I attend one of her group classes and we all know how these can sometimes feel so impersonal and fast. I love how Emanuela’s class is different – she is a very personable and focused instructor, always making sure we do whatever feels right in that moment. Her practice is very focused and she constantly tries to focus the students' attention to the now and the different parts of the body. She is caring and attentive, still making you work hard, constantly focusing on your breath and posture.

Madalena Vaz, group classes, 2017

I practised yoga with Emanuela for about 18 months, only stopping because of logistics of my life. Emanuela brought my practice to another level, with her understanding of my ability and passion for me to succeed and surpass my own expectations, for which I will be eternally grateful. 
Lesley Bowell, corporate client, 2017

During the 18 months Emanuela taught me yoga I have learnt not only about my body but about my soul too. I never had body mind, I never knew what my body is capable of. I felt I was in competent hands and improved so much.

Judit Szamosi, corporate client, 2017

I enjoy coming to Emanuela's class because at the end of the week it is a great way of winding down and releasing all the stress of the week. It also invigorates me and loosens my body from all the stiffness. It is a great mental and physical therapy.

Rosalind Rebello, group classes, 2015

I like Emanuela's sessions because her instructions are clear and precise, so I can just relax and concentrate on the poses and the flow of the movements. I always get a good work out but Emanuela helps with sensible adjustments whenever I'm not flexible enough to do something. By the end of every session, I'm so much calmer than when I started.

Andy Ford, one-to-one sessions, 2014

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