Thai Massage

Please note: I am currently only offering treatments to clients I already know. Keep checking this page for updates on changes. 

Thai Yoga Massage is one of the main branches of Traditional Thai Medicine. It is based on an energy line system, the Ten Sen, through which the body's natural life force flows. The therapist uses hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to important points on the energy lines, together with gentle stretching and applied Hatha Yoga. This releases blocked energy and treats a variety of ailments.

Thai Yoga massage can be described as a moving meditation, just like certain forms of yoga and/or as a healing modality based on the movement, or re-balancing of energy in the body.


Thai Yoga Massage addresses conditions such as headache, knee pain, back, shoulder and neck pain, premenstrual tension, stress, and more.


The treatment improves flexibility, relaxes, restores and energises the body, and its effects can last for several days. Thai Yoga Massage is for every body-type. You don't have to be flexible or athletic to receive the treatment, in fact the yoga-based stretches are secondary and they are tailored to each body. 

A typical session is 2 hours, but 1.5 hours treatments are also available.


In the West we have the mistaken conception that a massage treatment is a luxury rather than an important healing tool to be integrated into any health programme. Having recently qualified, I would like to challenge this conception and offer low-cost treatments for low income earners. Please email me for more info on this. 

Otherwise my current rates for treatments in clients' homes are: 

60 mins £60
90 mins £70

120 mins £80


I also welcome clients in a lovely new yoga studio in Muswell Hill (North London) for an extra £20/£25 depending on day/time. 


I have had a viral illness a few days ago and the massage has really helped my body which was feeling very sore and achy. Emanuela was very in tune with me and responsive and tailored the treatment to include a gentle abdomen massage. I feel very relaxed and calm and my body feels in balance again. 

(Jennifer, Artist)

I feel rejuvenated and well balanced. It feels like there's more space in my body. Emanuela was a very natural and friendly practitioner. (Rosie, Yoga Teacher)

Very nice! Feeling 'aligned' in my body, my back feels much less tense. Emanuela applied just the right amount of pressure when needed. (Kristina, Marketing Professional)

There was more stretching of the feet which are usually not given a lot of attention. I feel more energised and more relaxed in the back and neck, and ready to exercise! (Michael, Trading)

I felt Emanuela's touch was firm, confident, but also very gentle and careful. I felt safe, cared after, and very relaxed. She listened to my feedback when I spoke + stretched me just to the right capacity. (Scarlett, Yoga Teacher)

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