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Class descriptions

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga that tones and strengthens the body by carefully combining each breath with movement. For more details on my approach to this method please read my article The framework of Ashtanga Vinyasa for Minimum Yoga.  I facilitate a mindful and slower Ashtanga experience, remaining fully committed to the potential of this more traditional of the hatha yoga practices.

Dynamic and Somatic

In the dynamic classes I guide practitioners through breath-synchronised movements, following a step-by-step approach, allowing the body to open gradually through what I call 'minimal shifts' and somatic explorations, and progressing into more complex segments before returning to stillness.


In the meditation sessions I work with techniques from different contemplative traditions, such as breath awareness, body scans, seated sound observations and more. Combining my meditation training with ongoing research into, and practice of, philosophical traditions from both the East and the West, I deliver a meditation session that is simple, practical, and above all experiential.


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